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November 22nd, 2003

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11:04 pm - Milestone marker :)
His cord fell off today :)

Part of me has always hated the first week at home - the cord is kind of annoying to work around, well - more worrisome for me, because I always think I'm going to hurt the baby. But at the same time, it's sad to see the cord go, because it's proof positive that he's so new...and well...It's sad when the newness isn't as obvious. Ok, I'm weird, but hey...

Spud slept all day yesterday except for *maybe* 4 hours total. Freaked me out completely by the end of the night, and I wasn't dealing well at all with it - burst into tears at one point, worried something was wrong...and then I remembered the Mayo book we I'd had sent to us early in the pregnancy...which put my fears to rest, and hey, today he's been really alert and awake again.

hypoxia is coming over tomorrow to take pictures. I can't wait to see what she and ladysea come up with :)

Anyway - I can't stop looking at him. I'm just amazed at his eyes (which just turned brown - Kritter and Beena's eyes didn't change color from birth...so that whole concept is weird to me), his nose, his little face, his hands, his fingers, and his hair...

Oh, and I found out something that I'd not heard - yet another thing that's changed in the past 7 years. No longer are they saying that smiling is just gas - it's considered a reflex. :) But to me, a smile is a smile whether there's control over it or not, and I love seeing his little face light up when he smiles! Tonight he smiled while nursing - *grin* I've always loved that - Beena used to give me cute looks with her eyes and smile around while nursing.

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