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November 17th, 2003

07:32 am - The Baby(x-posted everywhere)
Since the name of the baby has yet to be revealed...I am NOT going to tell. =P

Here are some pictures!

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02:03 am - It's a boy!
I intended to make a few posts with my thoughts as the evening progressed.

However, we had a walk and then a baby!

He was born at 10:56pm. He's beautiful, and big! 8lb 11oz. 21.5"

I'll write more at a keyboard and when I'm a little less emotional.

He's so beautiful.
Current Mood: proud

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07:48 am - Sunday 8:25pm
So- I'm in the hospitaI. And it looks like I'm not going home without a baby! I'm at 4-5cm, but still ''really thick"

I did have a funny Kritter story though

Everyone was a little frazzled as we got ready to go. So I took Kritter and Beena aside to talk. while we were talking,I had a contraction .Kritter took my hand to let me squeeze her hand - I told her that I needed to keep my hands relaxed so she took my hand with both of hers and started to massage it

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November 16th, 2003

06:36 pm - *cross fingers*
well, contractions 3-5 minutes apart, I can't really talk through them or really walk through them either..Please let this be real.

I did call the doctor, she said to come in and that they'll likely keep me since I'm scheduled for induction tomorrow anyway - she can't guarantee it, but it seems likely.


With any luck at all the next post from me will be from a non-pregnant dragon!

But right now, we're just waiting for 'Sea to get home, and then we're off - bags packed, and van's just about to be loaded.

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November 15th, 2003

12:12 pm - Oh yeah :)
Dr. Swanson who I was *supposed* to see was falling farther and farther behind yesterday...you know - I'm really beginning to wonder if I was ever supposed to see Dr. Swanson - I don't remember meeting her the entire pregnancy!

So one of the lab workers told me that Dr. MacKay *wanted* to see me, and was that ok with me?

I thought that was neat.

Part of me wonders if it was because she's going to be on call on Monday when I'm scheduled to be induced - which I think is even neater :)

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12:02 pm - Doctor update 40w6d - yesterday (x-posted)
No change from Monday/Wednesday - 2cm & 50% effaced - baby still not engaged - gained back a total of 3 pounds this week to put me back at 234 - my guess is again, water weight given that my legs were quite swollen.

Everything else looks good.

The doctor I saw yesterday is the same doctor that I first spoke with on call at the very beginning of the pregnancy when I was dealing with morning sickness issues...so that was kind of neat - she's the first and last doctor I saw for prenatal reasons for this pregnancy...and if I haven't delivered by Monday, chances are good that she will be the one to deliver the baby.

She didn't feel that I need to go in tomorrow for the gels - because well - the gels will do what I've already done on my own. And that it's not that I haven't progressed with dilation and effacement - it's that he won't drop which the gels won't really help with. So - tomorrow's "appointment" at L&D was cancelled...and Monday morning they'll put me on pitocin first thing - then after a couple of hours, hopefully the contractions will have moved him down enough that they can break my water. The doctor I saw yesterday will likely be the one to come in and do that at around 9:30 or 10 in the morning.

I liked her a lot. She went through the records of this pregnancy, and glanced through the records of deliveries from Kritter and Beena - we talked about those two deliveries and this pregnancy...I was worried about starting pitocin first because of my fears of an epidural, and she said that the pit won't make my contractions any more painful than they would otherwise be - what it would do is negate the gradual ramping up in frequency that usually happens during labor - since I've *been* having contractions this past 10 weeks, and since Beena's contractions started out at 3 minutes apart, she didn't feel I would have a problem, because they wouldn't likely start coming together even that fast. But breaking the water first with him so high up is dangerous in that it increases the risk of c-section due to prolapsed cord...She asked if I was truly OK with the plan of action - I pointed out that I was in a good mindspace yesterday - but I hadn't been on Wednesday - there's no guarantee that I would continue to be in good spirits when told there's no progress at future visits, and with the stress of work and everything, and knowing I couldn't stop working until I went into labor? No, even starting with pit instead of breaking water was a good thing.

In my opinion? Yes, it's important to make sure that things are good and healthy for baby - and not push things unless the baby's in fetal distress...but I think you also have to take into account maternal distress as well...

Far cry from me not wanting to be induced or use pitocin...but circumstances change - and if circumstances had been as we'd all originally though - well, I'd still feel that strongly about induction and pitocin...

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November 13th, 2003

09:05 pm - I should make an update...
Went to the doctor yesterday because I had a bad headache and puffiness in the hands and face that kept coming and going - as I said to the nurse on the phone, I doubted it was anything serious since it came and went rather than stayed, but they wanted me to come in anyway.

No progress at all since Monday which sucked greatly, and I broke into tears - but no signs of toxemia either, so that was a good thing.

But no progress meant that he's not engaged , I'm no further dilated or effaced...and if he were engaged, or my cervix was more favorable, then they would have considered breaking my water yesterday - but....because I wasn't, the chances were far greater that the cord would prolapse, which would obviously increase my chance of a c-section, which they really don't want to do. So...Monday it is...and I'm ok with that today. I wasn't yesterday...but I am today. I guess it's a day by day thing on my moods and stuff. Er...minute by minute ;).

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November 12th, 2003

07:41 am - Ok, little guy...
The song that makes me think of you every time I hear it - the one that I wanted to be able to have a copy of while I was delivering you was played again this morning on MPR...

This is a sign, hon - you need to come out today!

Written by Malcolm Dalglish, Oolitic Music, BMI, and recorded on Metamora, Sugar Hill Records, SH-CD 1131

You're my little potato, you're my little potato,
You're my little potato, they dug you up,
You come from underground!

The world is big, so big, so very big! To you, it's new, it's new to you!

You're my little potato, you're my little potato,
You're my little potato, they dug you up,
You come from underground!

Let's talk about root crops (they dug you),
And lamb chops (they chew on you),
And things to eat...like apples and cheese and 'nanas and cream,
Jellies and butter, it's late at night, I hope this little bottle helps you go to sleep!

They must have grown you wild, you make a grown man a child,
I’ll go and play in the mud to be with you my spud (potato).
When you came out looking red as a beet,
You had wrinkles on the bottoms of your feet!

Oh, you are so sweet potato!
You're my sweet potato, you're my sweet potato, dug you up!
You come from underground!

You smile, a smile, a little smile!
The world is small, so small, it's very small!

You're my little potato, you're my little potato, you're my little potato, they dug you up,
You come from underground!

You're my little potato, you're my little potato, you're my little potato!

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03:33 am - argh
Good thing I didn't call.

They stopped coming frequently (didn't stop altogether, they never do) at around 10:30...

This can stop any time now!

Baby, come out!

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November 11th, 2003

05:53 pm - goes to show even the "experts" don't agree (x-posted)
I've been trying to figure out if it's real this time - there are a number of places online that directly contradict each other - especially on the issue of show and how contractions radiate.

I just wish my body would make up its mind...

mild tmiCollapse )

Now if only my body would make up its mind on the contractions.

Last night they were 3 minutes apart for 2 hours, and then I fell asleep (had taken Ambien before the contractions started, couldn't fall asleep even with the ambien, and then suddenly passed out).

Through the day I'd have a couple at 4-6 minutes, then a number at 15 minutes...then they got to be 5 minutes apart regularly for about an hour...then they went to ever 15 minutes again....

for the past hour they've been slowly getting closer together again...11 minutes apart an hour ago, now they're 7 minutes apart.


Please let this be the initial stages.

a) if I see one more look of shock from my coworkers that I haven't had this baby yet, I'm going to scream.
b) I'd really like to not be induced - I'd *LOVE* for them to break my water at this point, but barring that, I dont' want pitocin...

I was considering calling and having them cancel the induction on Monday...though it was comforting to tell the guys that I wouldn't be back after Friday.

But - I have a doctor's appointment on Friday if I make it that far. If things look favorable for progressing on their own, and baby's still not showing any signs of distress I'll ask for them to cancel it - otherwise, I'll go ahead and keep it. I mean, right now, if they offered to break my water, I'd say HELL YEAH - I might even say yes to pitocin - I'm that frustrated - but thinking about it this far in advance is making me nervous. Especially since I'd never wanted to voluntarily be induced without medical reason for it anyway.
Current Mood: whiny

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