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Spud's story...(xposted everywhere) - Fiddle Dragon's Pregnancy Journal

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November 18th, 2003

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09:40 pm - Spud's story...(xposted everywhere)
You've heard little bits and snippits and pieces...I'll try to put together the story as I saw it :)...

So. Friday I was told to not come in on Sunday for the gels, and that we would go ahead and induce on Monday - at that point I was 2 cm and still 50% effaced. I did really well emotionally - and managed to stay in a good mindspace through Saturday. Though I honestly don't remember much of Saturday other than that I took Miss Beena in to a makeup ballet class - ugh - sitting on that bench was horrid! I ran over to the grocery store to pick up some stuff so that ladysea could make her famous chicken 'n dumplings - while in the store I had the most excrutiating contraction to where I almost felt like I was going to pass out. But nothing else happened for the rest of the day - in fact, if anything the contractions seemed somewhat calmer than they had been.

Sunday morning was just as calm if not calmer - but...I started spotting. I started to get excited because I couldn't attribute the spotting to a doctor's visit or anything because it had been longer than normal to see any spotting. But then I realized that the contractions weren't any closer together though they were noticably more intense. I thought about calling but decided not to.

We all decided to go run some errands and have lunch out, then go to the library. By the time we got home, I was having contractions 8 minutes apart, steady and intense. So with that in combination with the spotting, I decided to go ahead and call - at least for a heads up type thing. This was at 4:15. The Dr. was supposed to call back within 20 minutes, but she didn't, and I ended up falling asleep and taking a nap - though not entirely restful, the contractions were enough to make me less than fully asleep. When I got up, they were 3-5 minutes apart, so I called again - at 6:15. The doctor called back 5 minutes later, and said to come on in, and that since I was scheduled to be induced the next day anyway, they would likely go ahead and keep me even if I wasn't completely in labor.

So...I went in! Eventually. *laugh*. We got in to L&D around 7:30 or so...they got me hooked up to the monitor, and I was distinctly more uncomfortable. The nurse checked me...asked me questions about where the doctor said I was on Friday...checked some more, and I swear it seemed like she was going to tell me I wasn't dilated or was only 1cm or something. So I asked her - "So? Where am I?" She said I was 4 or 5 cm, but still thick - I nearly broke into tears of relief!!! and then she left. She said that they needed to get a good trace on the baby and then they would let me get up and walk around some.

A little bit later, she came in with another nurse, who she'd asked to come in and double check me - the nurse checked, looked at the first nurse and said, "Yep, you were right - about 7cm" - I looked at my nurse because she had told US 4 or 5cm! She looked at me apologetically and said that she wasn't sure because apparently the amniotic sac was in the way and while she thought it was 7 - she wanted to tell me something conservative so as not to get my hopes up. So...that being said, they let me get up and walk around for a while...(oh yeah, I'd like to mention here, that at this point NO mention was made of an IV or heplock or anything!)...

'Sea, Songwind, and I walked around for about a half hour or so, while the contractions came hard and quick...by this time, I was way more than spotting too, so I was more than a little excited! (Marc stayed behind in the room - he got off work early and needed to rest his leg - though the cool thing was that the extra pizza that he'd brought home for dinner, eventually made it into the nurse's lounge area, so they had a treat too.

Anyway - I got back, at this point, I was nearing my pain tolerance level and the only way to handle the contractions were to rock on the balls of my feet while hanging onto something - anything - songwind, the table, 'sea, the wall, whatever was closest when the contraction hit.

They got me back into bed to check and to break my water....I was 9 cm - it was 9:45! Bad news, though, there was meconium in the amniotic fluid, which meant that some changes needed to be made to the birth plan...ie., he needed to be suctioned immediately and not delivered to my tummy...it also meant that songwind couldn't cut the chord. By 10:15 I was far enough along that they let me start pushing which brought along it's own trials and tribulations. He had problems coming around one bend, made worse by me having to put my legs down between contractions - making me lose focus even worse...Marc helped the nurses and doctors get the stirrups set up so that I could rest easier between contractions - that being done, and me losing focus completely for a full contraction, and then regaining it, I was able to push a lot more effectively and he got around the bend fairly quickly. My pain tolerance went completely down the tubes, but it was almost over...His head came out, they told me to stop pushing (the most excrutiatingly painful experience, btw) so they could suction him, then they told me I could gently push to deliver the rest of him...his chord was cut and he was off in the warmer where they had to intubate him to get the rest of the meconium out of his lungs. At 10:56pm, Spud was born (sorry, guys - we have a thing in the house that the children's real names don't get posted publically - hence Kritter, Beena, and Bri...and now Spud)

Placenta was delivered (I asked to see it, yes, I'm weird, but I thought it was neat). I did end up having an episiotomy which is not something I wanted, but at that point, after hearing how big he was, I wasn't going to complain either! 8lbs 11ounces....it took a while later to find out that he was 21.5 inches long, but most frighteningly (considering I'd just gone through L&D completely naturally as I'd hoped to) his head circumference was 14.75 inches!!!! They gave me a shot in the arm of pitocin to help my uterus contract, and that was it as far as needles were concerned. No bloodwork, no heplock, no iv, no fluids, no nothing!!!! An awesome Dr. (she had kind of a grandmotherly vibe going on), and a great nurse who I felt comfortable talking with - and some wonderful peds and special care nurses on hand to make sure that Spud was ok.

All in all I was really happy with the way things went - even more so that he decided to come out on his own rather than via induction Monday morning. The nurses were wonderful (well, other than the first nurse I had in postpartum) - and I had an awesome student nurse taking care of me and Spud!

At first they thought Spud may have a heart murmur or something else - so he had an ultrasound to double check and make sure, but that came back normal, and the pediatrician on call this morning said that he was fine, and she could barely hear the murmur,a nd that it would likely resolve itself in a couple of days. Other than that, his lungs were great shortly after birth, and there are no more concerns with regards to meconium in the fluid.

Nursing is going extremely well. He latched on like a pro from the get go - and nurses often and well. He only lost 3 ounces in the hospital, a testament to how well he was eating! Oooh - and even more of a testament - my nipples don't hurt, aren't cracked, bleeding, or blistering or anything like what I had with Beena or Kritter.

And with that, I think I'm going to end this little missive :)

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Date:November 19th, 2003 03:43 am (UTC)

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